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Exclusively for retailers and manufacturers, our GROWERS platform offers a streamlined rewards system that drives sales and reinforces customer loyalty without any administrative hassle.

For Retailers

Unlock the potential of manufacturer-funded rewards with zero additional cost to you. Our platform offers exclusive access to rewards programs that not only incentivize your sales but also ensure repeat business from farmers.

No Administrative Burden

We handle all aspects of the rewards system — from tracking to payouts. Focus solely on selling.

More Money

By participating in the program, you gain additional monetary benefits, enhancing your profits.

True Customer Loyalty

Rewards from sales go directly into farmer-designated wallets, which can only be spent with you, ensuring they return for more purchases.

For Manufacturers

Enhance your product outreach and ensure sell-through via our GROWERS platform. We help you connect more effectively with both retailers and farmers, increasing your market penetration and brand loyalty.

Efficient Product Promotion

Utilize your existing marketing budgets to directly engage retail salespeople and farmers, increasing your products' visibility and appeal.

High Conversion Rates

With over 30% of farmers interacting with your products making a purchase, experience unmatched ROI on your digital marketing efforts.

Strengthened Retail Relationships

By funding rewards, you not only incentivize farmers but also support your retail partners, helping them to sell more effectively.

Rewards and Loyalty stats
Immediate Rewards, Lasting Impact

Farmers receive points instantly with each qualifying purchase, increasing their likelihood to return and strengthening your relationship.

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Customizable Incentives, Strategic Results

You know your customers best. Use GROWERS Rewards to align with your sales strategies, whether promoting top products, encouraging bulk buys, or supporting sustainability. Each tailored initiative not only boosts sales but also deepens farmer connections.

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Turn Every Sale into a Future Purchase

Each point a farmer earns equals a dollar they can spend on their next purchase, exclusively with you in the GROWERS app. This approach keeps your pricing intact and ensures that rewards continually drive farmers back to you, reinforcing loyalty and engagement.

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How Does It Work?

GROWERS collaborates with agricultural input manufacturers to create rewards programs that support the sales goals of the manufacturers' retail partners. When farmers buy qualifying products from these retailers, rewards points are automatically added to their "wallet" on the GROWERS platform. Points are deposited into a specific sub-wallet and can only be redeemed with the retailer where they were earned, encouraging true loyalty.

What’s the Reward?

Farmers earn points for purchasing qualifying products, where 1 point equals $1.00. This amount is deposited into their GROWERS wallet. Retailers receive their rewards in ($)USD and have various options for distribution and payout.

How Does a Farmer Redeem Their Reward?

Farmers can use their earned points to make future purchases from the specific retailer where the points were earned. Points are stored in a designated sub-wallet within their GROWERS account, ensuring they are redeemed only at the corresponding retailer.

See How Rewards Work

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